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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 2, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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goes at the corner of wall and broad. this one featuring jamie dimon. other business execs include robert iger from disney to ashley webster in for trish. >> i am indeed. here we go. what a crazy, busy day, like that every day, neil, it's how we love it. the new normal i think. thank you very much, neil. president trump saying he is not easing sanctions on russia, and, oh,y the way, he says nothing is off the table when it comes to iran. those comments after the president met with execs of harley-davidson at the white house. it has been a packed day of action, i'm ashley webster in this afternoon for trish regan. welcome everyone, to "the intelligence report". president trump's tough talk comes as he voices serious concerns about nafta. saying the current trade agreement is not fair and says it's time for change. president trump vowing since the start of his campaign, we
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know, he'll renegotiate all of our, quote, terrible trade deals. today, he says wilbur ross, will lead the negotiations and for the very latest and boy, he's been kept busy these days, blake burman at the white house. blake? >> reporter: the new normal indeed, ashley, yes, russia and iran back in the news at this hour. let's start with russia. president, the administration at the white house, are saying by no means have they eased the sanctions against russia. the official line coming out from the white house this hour. however, there has very clearly been a change or a modification of a certain part of sanctions that were originally put in place against russia by the obama administration. this deals with a specific carveout dealing with the licensing of cybersecurity equipment to the fsb, which was the successor of the kgb. so what it aslous basically for the export of this very specific part of that industry,
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now allowed by the treasury department, and then there's iran. as you know, the white house, quote, put iran on notice yesterday, and the president was asked about this a little while ago and basically said every single option is on the table. want to play for you a very quick sound bite from the president at the white house a little while ago, first talking about iran and then russia. watch here. >> nothing is off the table. i haven't eased anything. i haven't eased anything. >> reporter: all right, and here domestically, the president has been holding meetings throughout the day. he met with congressional leaders, top leaders as it relates to trade at the white house earlier today. and he continued his pursuit in saying that nafta, as it stands, is either going to be renegotiated or thrown out altogether. here is the president from earlier today on nafta. >> i have very serious concerns about nafta, maybe we do a new
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nafta and put an extra f in the term nafta. you know what the f is for, right? free and fair trade. >> reporter: the president spoke about nafta a little while ago as he is meeting at this hour, we believe the meeting is still going on with the leaders of harley-davidson. ashley, back to you. trish: i wonder where he was going with the extra f. he cleared it up. blake burman. thank you very much. another big story we're following. the democrats fighting tooth and nail to basically obstruct president trump every step of the way. listen to what house minority leader nancy pelosi called the president today. >> every time something gets hot, he changes the subject, he changes the subject, he's an illusionist, if you -- now you see it, now you don't. >> an illusionist. that wasn't bad enough. listen to what she called white house chief strategist steve bannon. roll tape.
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>> what's making america unsafe is white supremacist named to the national security council as a permanent member. it's a stunning thing that a white supremacist would be a permanent member of the national security council. >> that was nancy pelosi calling steve bannon a white supremacist twice and says he is making america less safe. all right, joining me republican strategist ford o'connell and former adviser to president bill clinton simon rosenberg. ford, to you first, obstructionist i think doesn't cover it, what the democrats are doing, i would argue what else have they got? what's your thoughts. start on thoughts on what nancy pelosi just said. >> obviously, with the retirement of harry reid, nancy pelosi taking up the mantle as the baghdad bob and everything out of her mouth is dribble, she has the right to lie and name call all day. the democrats have taken up the concept of maximal childish resistance to the detriment of the american people.
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if they continue the outlandish shenanigans on capitol hill they pay the price at ballot box because ten democratic senators are up in states donald trump won. they can play ball and do business with the american people or continue to lose at ballot box, it's really their choice. >> simon rosenberg, this isn't really constructive. i'm sure you would argue republicans would do the same thing if it was the other way around. is this doing democrats any good at all? >> i think i have a slightly different take. not a big surprise, rex tillerson just became secretary of state. other cabinet officials have gone through. what happened is two of the cabinet officials the democrats tried to block yesterday, both lied to the committee, right? and traditionally if you lie to a committee under oath, you don't get to become a cabinet secretary. in past times, these are serious objections they have,
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it's our obligation to the american people to make sure the cabinet officials are going to serve the american people. >> simon, let me say this. >> simon, when you say they lie, they weren't given all the information? there's a fference? >> no, i think steve mnuchin idn a meeting with staff that what he provided was untrue, and he said that himself, and we know tom price lied. and it's likely he's actually a crook. >> no. let me say one thing. simon. >> go ahead, ford. >> not since 1943 has a presidential cabinet been slow crawled by what the democrats are doing to donald trump's cabinet. there's 15 secretaries, we've only approved 4. this has never happened. you have to understand everything else. the republicans thanks to harry reid have the numbers. there is no way you can stop a cabinet member unless republicans are doing it inte internally. it does not excuse the fact that the other 12 members that
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are secretaries are not up there right now. >> let me change the discussion a little bit. i want to talk about what happened at uc berkeley, want to get into it later in the show. there's a air if you support donald trump, you are racist, xenophobic, everything under the sun, if you get someone who speaks pro-trump, you see what happened at berkeley overnight. there's a tremendous aggression out there. i thought the liberals were the friendly ones? >> well, i think there is disquiet in the country, no doubt about that, and certainly we can't -- this was a -- two events where students who were not students hijacked the event last night. look, there's going to be intense and spirited debate, and i hope, my hope is that where democrats stand our ground is making sure we
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protect our democracy, we ask for rule of law and democratic norms not to be trampled like the republicans are trampling right now and speak to inner patriotism as opposed to being partisans. i don't think democrats are opposing donaltrump or mo yiannopoulos because we are partisans but concerned about the future of the country. there is significant opposition, look, donald trump is the first president in his first year in office to be over 50% negative rating in modern polling history. there is a lot of opposition in this country, even among people who voted for him. >> allowed opposition, when we have debate, we can't have debates like berkeley because to use your term about donald trump. they were stamped on. those that wanted to hear what the speaker had to say. ford, have you ever seen aggression like this. there is always two sides to every debate, i get that. but by god, if you say anything that is considered pro president trump, you can get shouted down, all sorts of things done.
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friendships done, dinner parties are ruined. aggressive atmosphere out there. >> well, welcome to the modern era of civil discourse, courtesy to the left. they claim free speech while claiming to be against fascism. when they don't get their way, they intimidate everyone until they get their way. the biggest myth is the tolerance of the democratic party, they're the most intolerant bunch of people. over the last eight years we've winc winced -- witnessed in the terms of civil discourse. >> this is a debate we could get into. thank you, simon and ashley. breitbart editor milo yiannopoulos forced to cancel appearance at uc berkeley after left-wing protests turned property. starting fires, attacking trump supporters. the president reacted quote if uc berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence
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with a different point of view, no federal funds? fox news correspondent claudia cowan is standing by at uc berkeley with the latest on this story. claudia, i don't know, were the y arrests despite all of the disturbing video we saw, was anyone arrested? >> reporter: you know you make a good point, ashley, a lot of the vandalism and mayhem that happened was caught on camera. just one arrest, and crews are still working to board up the shattered windows and clean up the mess here at the plaza and off-campus as well where vandals spray painted anti-trump slogans and loot the starbucks. what began as a peaceful protest turned into a riot when 150 masked anarchists showed up and attacked the building where milo yiannopoulos was getting ready to speak. they hurled bricks and molotov cocktails and used a metal barricade as a battering ram to
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get inside. overwhelmed police quickly canceled the event. in a statement the university said numerous crowd control measures were put in place but could not plan for the unprecedented. this despite similar protests at other campuses where the controversial breitbart editor has been invited to speak. later on fox news milo highlighted the hypocrisy of being shut out by the far left at a campus that calls itself birth place of the free speech movement. >> the left are terrified of anything they think might be persuasive or interesting or might take people with them. i am not scary far right, neo-nazi as some of the protesters claim, they put me against my forces. >> reporter: his views have an attack on them. listen. >> we have a right to defend
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ourselves, this shutting down milo yiannopoulos is our right to self-defense. >> reporter: andal heard from kellyanne conway this morning on fox news. take a listen to what she had to say. >> what's going on out there is going on across the country. you have protesters emboldens, media cameras following them. give interviews, i don't know if they know what they're protesting, i'd love to do the survey and ask everybody on the airports and college campuses, what's you got to so in a lather? really, is it the free speech? having somebody on your campus who has dissenting point of view? >> reporter: the chancellor at uc berkeley has issued an apology. there is soul-searching as campus administrators try to take a look what happened last night and repair the damage to uc berkeley's reputation and legacy as well as so much of the property. back to you.
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>> very good report. claudia cowan, thank you very much in berkeley on the day after all of this. joining me to talk more about it, fox news radio host todd starnes, i was struck by what one of the protesters said, we have a right to defend ourselves so this shutting down and doing whatever is necessary to do that is our right to self-defense. let us not forget, they created a riot to stop someone from speaking? >> that's right, they opposed any speech they disagree with. this is nothing that's new in the world of higher education. we've seen this on college campuses across the country. the issue at uc berkeley is i do hold the university responsible. somebody had to have told the police officers in riot gear to stand down. it is absolutely unacceptable that only one person was arrested. a grown man assaulted a woman on television.
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>> spray painted her in the face. >> who defended this? donald trump supporters were beaten and one report in the daily californians they surrounded one of the individuals, threw him to the ground, took his make america great again hat and set it on fire. this is unacceptable and got to stop. and today i called on president trump to defund the university. >> and because he brought up the possibility in a tweet he sent out. the left says this is not us, this is a group of anarchist who show up and hijacked our protest but what can the left do? they will blame donald trump and his comments as justification for this? >> they are blaming milo. as a matter of fact, one news organization called him a flame thrower while showing pictures of a massive fire which the associated press called a bonfire! like they were roasting weanies and making s'mores.
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this is unacceptable. >> he said i'm not a scary far right nazi guy. they are frightened of hearing him, aren't they? >> think about this. milo, a gay conservative immigrant and they nearly destroyed a student union named after a civil rights leader. this is tolerance and diversity? >> come on. liberal lunacy on campus. todd starnes, thank you very much. the president putting the world on notice, with him it's not business as usual anymore, reportedly telling mexico to get its "bad hombres" under control and letting australia know the refugee deal it struck with president obama is, quote, just dumb. we'll break it down next.
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. >> when you hear about the tough phone calls i'm having, don't worry about it, just don't worry about it. they're tough. we have to be tough, it's time we are going to be a little tough, folks. we're take advantage of by every nation in the world, virtually. it's not going to happen anymore. ashley: not going to happen anymore. president trump speaking at the national prayer breakfast today saying he has to talk tough after reports of harsh exchanges between the president and leaders of mexico and australia. on a call with mexican president enrique nieto there are reports trump threatened to send in u.s. troops to deal with the "bad hombres," later reports say he was joking. ere arports of president trump hung up on the prime minister of australia after calling the deal to resettle refugees in the u.s. dumb and the worst deal ever. the twitter in chief sent this out --
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joining me now is emma from the cato institute. always so much to talk about, emma. donald trump says, look, it's time to get tough. is he >> i think he's going to have a problem if by get tough he means being tough with both allies and with other states. it's kind of disturbing that he seems to over the last week have decided to pick a fight with every country in the world. who a few days ago would have guessed that donald trump would have hung up on the president of australia. it's pretty hard to achieve the things you want diplomatically, economically around the world when you are always fighting with everybody. ashley: those would argue that under the last administration, the last eight years that the u.s. is standing around the world has gone down, and that we need a strong leader. putting the australian issue
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aside, he's talking tough with iran, and let's see how he handles russia. but don't you generate more respect, i guess is the word i'm looking for, when you project toughness? >> well, the thing i'm concerned about is the fact that actually the way mike flynn trump's national security adviser talked about iran yesterday bears a strong resemblance to what the obama administration did with the incredibly received red line in syria. they said red line, didn't enforce it. what flynn did yesterday when iran has been put on notice. he provided no details. what didn't say what the red line was and provided no information what we would do if iran responded and raised the stakes. he's making many of the same mistakes that the obama administration did. ashley: isn't that a shot across the bough and give all of the details to everybody in the world, shouldn't it be decided at the very highest levels? >> well, i don't think it's
2:22 pm
clear at all, but there's any coherent strategy that you hear. the trump administration is engaged in the war of words with iran but did not talk about sanctions, they've not talked about when they might do if iran reacts and every time that they speak out against the iranian nuclear deal without offering any sort of plan for how they plan to pursue nonproliferation issues in the future, they drive away european partners who are involved in the negotiation of the nuclear deal. it doesn't seem like there's a coherent strategy, it seems like they are talking angrily. ashley: you also say the trump administration talks in big picture like a clash of civilizations between the west and, quote, the rest, and you say that's very dangerous and could be self-fulfilling prophecy? >> this idea of a clash of civilizations has been around many years, it was a book by
2:23 pm
samuel huntington in the mid 90s. both the administration and the obama administration studiously avoided setting up this idea of the fact that the west clash with the middle east or clash with islam, but if you look at the writings of people like steve bannon, of people like mike flynn, you see the trump administration is embracing this wholeheartedly and has the possibility of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, we may end up turning the world against us. ashley: hopefully that is not the case. we're out of time. emma, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks. >> liberals furious over president trums executive orders on imgration, saying no one from the seven countries targeted has committed a terrorist act here in america, but overseas, in europe with, open borders and immigration, migrants in those countries have indeed committed atrocities. nigel farage, former uk member of parliament and architect of brexit will weigh in on the
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ashley: the left is livid, is that reason enough? consider europe. europe welcomed refugees by the millions and look at the lives lost there. talked to him about why the left is so outraged by the president's temporary travel ban, take a listen. >> what on earth with this little concept is called democracy. you stand for election, you tell people what you're going to do and i know we are not used to it because we expect them to lie to us, but what trump has done to us is get elected on a ticket and within the first say i am
2:28 pm
going to do this. how can anyone in america or anyone else complained than all the man did what he promised in the campaign. trish: that's a very good point. why is everybody surprised. >> yeah. trish: everybody is saying this is so prejudice, this is not who we are as americans, this is not right and yet, you know, nigel, when you look back at it, barack obama did similar moves. you think of the ban for refugees in iraq for six months back in 2011. he cited the seven countries himself as known problems. how is it that tremendously different? >> there is a protest march against prejudicial behavior from president trump. where were these people in 2011 when obama arbitrarily put
2:29 pm
automatic six-month ban on any iraqi coming to the usa? where were the protestors? where were the voices? nobody said a word because obama was considered to be good but they are doing it because trump is considered to be bad. the key point for people prepared to listen, the seven countries were identify bid the obama administration as being a potential threat to america. the argument -- the argument that so far no one from these countries has committed a terrorist act in america, have a look at france, have a look at germany, have a look at the catastrophic historic era that angela merkel made by opening up the doors unconditionally without vetting anybody. europe, has opened its doors to terrorism and what president trump is trying to do is to make sure that america does not make the same mistake. trish: nigel, it's become so political. to your point, nobody said boo
2:30 pm
when obama said no one is coming from iraq in six months, you look at the commotion and hysteria right now nigel, as a result of this, does that tell you it's just because it's donald trump and they want to, the media wants to, and the left wants to scare people? >> yes. tris yeah. >> yes, combre and yes [laughter] >> absolutely. the liberal mainstream media, i watched reagan, i watched that liberal media never ever accept the fact they were in charge of their respective countries and the same is true of the trump administration. these people will never give up, there will be a minority, a very noisy minority who will protest on the streets and frankly all they're trying to do is turn the clock back.
2:31 pm
2016 was a year of political revolution, brexit, trump and many other things and i suggest to all of you out there protesting out in the cold, in new york and london, you better wake up and smell the coffee because things have changed and democracy will now take its course. trish: they're going to continue to change, nigel, thank you so much, it's good to have you here. ashley: trish and nigel, thank you very much, fascinating stuff. sanctuary cities already playing out in places like texas, alabama and california. the white house is now preparing its nameless shame list. jeff flock will join us next on that story with the latest the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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ashley: president donald trump's crack-down on sanctuary cities has left to swift actions on both sides of the debate. california is pushing to make the entire state sanctuary for illegal immigrants while texas has cut off state funding to the city of austin because of sanctuary policies. jeff flock joining us now outside in chicago, 11 above zero. i just looked up the temperature, jeff, take it away. >> a little méxico here, but we could use a little méxico, indeed. it is pretty cold. this is the little village neighborhood, actually, in chicago, the sanctuary city of
2:36 pm
chicago and, you know, they say in communities like this, they think of immigration the same way they think of marijuana, ev though juana is illegal federally in the u.s., some communities have passed laws saying that it's okay and so they don't enforce the federal law. they think that's the way immigration should be treated here, they should be able to say, we are not going to enforce immigration, federal immigration law that now as you point out some states are getting involved and attempt to go strip funding from communities that have sanctuary policies like texas, travis county texas where governor abbot in texas said he will takes and $2 million from the state because of sanctuary policies of austin, texas. governor of alabama will do the same thing for the county that houses birmingham, alabama. idaho, considering a bill that would strip state funding.
2:37 pm
all of this is important, ashley, because after the president's executive order trying to strip federal funding from the communities, it kind of became clear particularly in a report this week that the executive branch may have little authority to strip money that has already been appropriated and they also pointed out that courts have ruled and i quote from the s&p now, that courts have rule that had the threat of withholding funding may not be used to coerce states. it's not like president obama to withhold medicaid funds. the supreme court got involved and said you can't do that. it appears that some state governments are willing to step in and perhaps have the same impact. we will watch it. ashley: yeah, texas one of those, all right, jeff flock, thank you so much. try to get inside to warm up.
2:38 pm
for more i am join by reblan congressn from texas, congressman, you more than many people across this country understand the challenges and the frankly the danger that this unregulated border problem is. just tell me -- you've seen it firsthand, i know. >> it is multiple dangerous, ashley, and good to be with you today. we have had an open border in texas for many, many years, of course, this is where i represent the 36th congressional district. there has been a number of incidents throughout this country and even in the state of texas as well where we've had, you know, someone that's infiltrated or exploited our refugee program, our visa program, our asylum-seeking program and to wind up doing some bad act. you know, president trump
2:39 pm
campaigned on closing this border down and securing it and i cannot thank him enough for what he's doing. as you said, i introduced a couple of bills talking about this issue for the last year and a half at least and stopping our refugee program until we can vet them properly and also be able to deport criminal aliens. it just seems like that's a no-brainer to me. when they commit a crime and you have a local government that shields them from the federal immigration law, it's high time that we start coming down on them. if not from the federal level, at least from the state level and i applaud our governor greg abbot for what he's doing. ashley: he has taken this and made a mayor critical emergency issue. they are trying to withhold funds from the city of austin and making the whole concept the sanctuary cities illegal in the
2:40 pm
state in texas. like everything else, congressman, these things tend to end up in court, jeff flock on before you, he said the court said you can't use the threat of taking funds away as a means to get something or entity to do something. could you lose on the courts on this issue? >> you know, that's always possible, ashley. let me just say this, i remember well when we had a 55-mile an hour speed limit, that was kind oppressed upon the rest of the nation. i think it might have been under president nixon and when they had their highway funds withheld and other federal funds withheld, everybody was driving 55 in those days. so something must have happened in the courts, probably some activist judges or something of that nature, but listen, if you're not -- if you're local
2:41 pm
law enforcement, your local municipal and county governments and even a whole state like the state of california are disobeying, flouting the law of the united states government and basically risking the lives, the property, the health of their own citizens for diversity and political correctness. that is just unbelievable to me. so i hope that we can get somebody's attention and make sure that this law starts being enforced. ashley: last week, congressman, feels to me that are encouraging illegal immigrants to make the dash across the border and if they get to the city they will be protected and often with taxpayer's money when they get appointed lawyers or what have you and some will commit crimes. to me, i just don't understand how this can actually happen. >> i don either. i tellou, we have dead
2:42 pm
americans, kate stanley in san francisco, casey in connecticut. two young women who would be alive today had we enforced the law the way we were supposed to. you know, president trump, we finally have a president who has our backs. he's thinking about the american citizens. he's not thinking about what's politically correct and the diversity, this, that and the other, the world opinion, et cetera, he wants to protect americans. he ran on this as a platform, the american people overwhelmingly elected him, electoral landslide and now he's fulfilling his promises. hey, that's an unusual thing to see in politicians. i am very thankful. ashley: thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, ashley. ashley: thank you. nebraska congressman tweeting out this picture from protestors
2:43 pm
outside the supreme court condemning the president's choice of niel gorsuch. take a close look at the pictures. what's funny about this, fill in the blank protest signs, stop and then you can rub out, you know, glossage and put whatever you want. it seems like the democrats were poised to protect anybody who the president chose, we got more on that next
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ashley: breaking news right now. senator ted cruz meeting with supreme court nominee niel gorsuch in the u.s. capitol. these are the pictures to prove it. the judge making rounds today meeting members of congress since his mination on tuesday. ted cruz said judge gorsuch is, quote, a home run. so we shall see, see how easy this confirmation process will be. president trump's nominee for the supreme court judge gorsuch back on capitol hill making rounds meeting with republican senators and no surprise democrats are preparing for a fight and have made that point very clear.
2:47 pm
of course, it's all payback for president trump's strabded pick merrick garland. here to weigh in howard kurtz, the host of media buzz. howie, i say this guy, this judge gorsuch is incredible well respected and incredibly well qualified and the democrats will make him out to be horrible out of the mainstream, extreme judge, but at the same time if the shoe were on the other foot, i'm sure the republicans would do the same and the other direction. what's your thoughts on this? >> there's so much hypocrisy on both sides because on the one hand democrats probably would have been attacking anybody who president trump would have named to the supreme court. on the other hand, they can say, look, when scalia before nominated merrick garland, they
2:48 pm
stomach to that. thiswhat people hate about washington. two parties are fighting, paying back, feuds as oppose to dealing to what might be best for the country and courts. ashley: we know that merrick garland got left out to dry and now we have judge gorsuch, does he get through? how messy does it get? >> i think he gets through and it gets messy. he's a thoughtful jurorrist and many phrased qualifications. in the end the only way the democrats can stop this nomination is to filibuster. the problem with that is the republicans will exercise the nuclear option, go nuclear as donald trump says, and they won't have the weapon available for the next nomination to the high court which, of course, that's the one that could tip the balance since gorsuch is
2:49 pm
replacing or filling the scalia seat. ashley: what was your quick impression the way president trump unveiled judge gorsuch on prime time? i thought he did a great job and that's where he really stars, doesn't he, mr. trump? >> yeah, i thought it was terrific. you know, whether it was apprentice-style reveal because there were false report that is the other finalist was also heading to washington as a kind of decoy. that turned out not to be the case. i also think gorsuch helped himself with the humble description and even said that a judge shouldn't be happy about every ruling he makes because it shouldn't match political preferences. calling balls and strikes as they see them. ashley: before you go, i wanted to show you a picture, classic, the protestors basically just filling the blank space with gorsuch, you can see gorsuch name in there, that could be wiped out, put anyone else in there, whoever the nominee was
2:50 pm
going to be. this is a rent a protestor. howie: those signs can come in handy for the next four years because you can fill in for any job, any appointee of this president. ashley: have you seen such anker from the opposition party, we are seeing the riots in berkeley? people are getting on facebook these days. they don't like how angry the rhetoric has become. howie: i don't want to blame the rights and the entire democratic party. facebook has become so toxic. now kids, cats and dogs, you see the antitrump rants and protrump people responding. t getting pretty ugly on social media. ashley: the days of the cat, that was a classic, howie, thank you so much. by the way you can watch howie on mediabuzz at fox news channel at 11:00 a.m. eastern every sunday. football fans flocking to houston ahead of the super bowl li.
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ashley: four days now until the super bowl the world impatiently waiting for the showdown on sunday. cheryl casone live with the nfl experience in houston, guess what, she has philadelphia eagles safety malcolm jenkins with a preview. cheryl, take it away. cheryl: we've already been talking football, ash. more than a million people coming through houston. malcolm jenkins from the philadelphia eagles, drafted by the saints. you were telling me you're not
2:55 pm
happy about that. >> no, it's tough for us. we enjoy the festivities of the week but at the closer you get the more you want to get out of here. it's hard to watch teams we worked really hard to t there and you don't end up there, you know, so i'm getting out of here saturday. cheryl: woaf to ask you, you have falcons, tom brady, everybody is saying saying that brady is unstoppable? >> i think this is the year that the myth gets broken. the falcons have a great team and they've got -- the best chance that they do have to dethrone brady and i think the team is ready. cheryl: let's talk about a couple of other things. you actually like many nfl players have gone into small business for yourself. you had a bow tie business. what we have seen with the administration is they want small business to grow,
2:56 pm
companies like yours to grow and prosper, lower taxes, less regulation, do you feel positive about those analysis? >> you know, i'm wait to go see what that actually turns into. you know, if you have a president who has been a businessman that donald trump has been or president trump has been, you want to know what qualified the small business, are you talking about mom and pop shops, people are trying to raise from the bootstraps or 5 million-dollar companies. the concept sounds great and as a business owner myself i am looking to see what the plan actually is and how that rolls out, but, you know, to this point it's just all talk. cheryl: we should all say malcolm you will be heading back to dc because you want -- african american rights, civil rights are close to your heart and want to make sure that the community gets -- >> one thing that we have focused on was mass incarceration and the justice system. we need people in capitol hill to make sure it's part of the agenda.
2:57 pm
cheryl: you need to come back on fox business and tell us how it goes. >> i will. cheryl: that's the beginning of the day that we are having out there. ashley: lucky person, cheryl. cheryl, who can't get over the fact that the cowboys aren't in the super bowl. cheryl, thank you very much. we will be right back just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be with customer contracts, agreements to lease a space or protecting your work. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you, every step of the way. so you can focus on what you do and we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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ashley: let's get over to liz claman. liz: thank you very much. ground hog day does not exist at the white house right now. there maybe six more weeks of winter but at this hour the action is blazing hot with no endless loops over at the white house. president trump just wrapping up the meeting with executives and union leaders from motorcycle maker harley davidson. he did promise to go hog wild to help fix the american economy. that came after he attended the national prayer breakfast and going on a twitter fire storm attacking protestors who turned violent at uc berkeley, talking


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